Forman and Field

By mthomas

East London institution H. Forman & Son is a 100 year old family business based on salmon smoking and their famous  ’London cure’. I used to love venturing out to their old premises but it’s gone now because the land was earmarked for the Olympics. But, instead of winding up the business they negotiated a great relocation deal including a state of the art new building (pictured to the right). I went to its opening and was impressed by the views, design, new smokehouse and big exhibition space. Each month, curators select artists for exhibitions: details of current and forthcoming events here. They also have an Olympic cam on the roof showing progress in the park.

Since 2002  Forman and Field, the on-line delivery arm of the business, have been supplying fish, seafood, meat and other products sourced from some excellent producers. They are increasingly, and admirably, championing great English wine from producers like Nyetimber, Chapel Down and Biddenden. They also have a few oddities like the Cornish Polgoon Apple and Raspberry Wine (although I agree with Dr Johnson’s definintion of wine as made from grapes). The Foreman open day is coming up in October and I might try some even if it isn’t ‘real wine’. There are lots of suppliers represented and I hope they have a good wine tasting this year.

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Good to see you championing Forman, their smoked salmon is superb. I have been to an open day there before and the space is stunning. There was also a good selection of producers and the Hackney breeders were out in full force sampling the goods!

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