By mthomas

Uproot Wines is a California based set up with a novel approach to labels for the wines they source.  Their mission is to “curate exceptional experiences for people through wine defined by each person’s taste, personality and lifestyle”. An admirable aspiration!

A recent competition with ColourLovers.com has been really fruitful.  Each wine’s profile is converted into a colour bar such as the one on the left. This is a simple visual representation of the contents in terms of flavours and I can see it catching on.

There is of course the perennial ‘dumbing down’ danger but for most consumers a few clearly presented tags are welcome. Given the research on the words people find useful I can see this extending beyond ‘melon’ to descriptors like ‘fresh’ and ‘light’. This type of label may help people  extend their lexicon of wine descriptors but might also prevent them from developing their own views of what the wine is.

Like all marketing technology it could be manipulated. The description might just become a list of those things shown to be attractive rather than a more honest depiction of the wine in the bottle. One that acknowledges ambiguity and the individual nature of taste.

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Nice idea. If only Alsace could work out how to indicate on their bottles how sweet the wine is! I wonder how best you could indicate things like sweetness, acidity and astringency in a graphical way….?

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