Disclaimer and Editorial View

When I review a wine, a place to eat or drink or a book I strive to be as objective as possible. I do my best to avoid conflicts of interest and to maintain transparency. I am primarily a psychologist not a member of the wine trade. All opinions are mine and have nothing to do with my local government or university work.

I live in London UK so there will be probably be an emphasis on things going on here. I do get to travel a bit, most often to France and the USA, so will of course have an international perspective too. Like you, some grapes I love more than others…

I am a man but am well aware of some of the gender imbalances in the wine world so will be making an extra effort to include women. The wine world is often criticised as exclusive and I want to be inclusive as possible by providing a forum for the discussion of issues which touch on psychology and wine. How are people with disabilities catered for at wine tastings? I have yet to see someone signing for the deaf at a tasting but would love to find out if interest groups exist.

Wine sites often ignore the ‘dark side’ of alcohol consumption but this site will aim to have a ‘healthy’ perspective whilst retaining a sense of fun. See Drinkaware website here for further information on responsible drinking.

I will try to be accurate but if I get anything wrong then let me know. Be sensitive when commenting on posts but feel free to highlight any inconsistencies, errors or ommissions.

Finally, thanks to all those who have helped and are helping still.