Ancient winemaking and modern wine writing

By mthomas

A couple of recent articles caught my eye. Firstly the New York Times (article here) on the discovery of an ancient Armenian wine making site. It was a sophisticated set up and gives great insight into a period which saw the invention of the wheel and domestication of horses. Botanists are planning to plant some of the seed found at the site and I hope one day to try some fermented juice from them.

I subscribe to a feed from Dr Vino (Tylar Coleman) because he picks up on a wide range of wine related topics. Some are pretty trivial and aimed at his domestic US market (best wine to match with deep fried turkey twizzlers etc.) but in amongst the guff are some really interesting observations as well as a few well aimed polemic pieces. The one here raises the question ‘Who makes money from wine writing?’. The answer is ‘not bloggers!’ (unless they sell their souls and credibility). Tylar offers the sound advice that blogging should be done for love not money. The alternative is sure to plunge a writer into a morass of conflicts of interest especially as people appear to only be prepared to pay for ‘buying advice’.