Blind tasting gold

trading bonus gratuito By mthomas

binaire opties fiscaal Re the end of previous blog the medal reference was a joke but I actually ended up wearing a (chocolate) gold medal at the Corney and Barrow summer tasting. Unfortunately everyone was enjoying the evening so much that I haven’t got a picture of it! I am really bad at taking pics ,pretty unphotogenic, forgetful and try to be ‘in the moment’ rather than capturing it digitally. However, on this occasion it would be lovely to have a record of it as I scored highest in the blind tasting and won a case of very nice wine (result!).

binäre optionen erfahrungen forum About thirty of us pitched up the C and B in Paternoster square. I was joined by friends, Paul, Phil and Huw (also not pictured as too busy enjoying themselves) but it was an individual competition. Nicely warmed up by the house Blanc de Blancs a lovely ugni blend from Jura which is a steal at around a tenner we were led through the tasting by Joe Muller and colleagues. The first 6 wines weren’t blind. A opzioni binarie strategia straddle Riesling from JJ Prum, Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc, Dampf Chablis, Fiano Masseria Bianca (all 2010), an unwooded Chardonnay from The Lane and Viagra 25 mg nätet Macizo from Benjamin Romero (both 09). The latter was most popular followed closely by the Chablis.

Köp Strattera på nätet Kiruna Then the real fun started. I love the challenge of tasting blind and am always heartened by the abysmal performance of experts in truly blind tastings. There were six wines and we had to identify the country of origin, the price point of the wine to the nearest fiver and, for a bonus point, the city and year in which the Olympics were held in that country. Being a psychologist I was attentive to the commentary and immediately knew the identity of the ‘best seller’ in front of us ( Tastylia Supplier Domaine de Saissac). I also nailed the 09 faretradecon1euro PSI from Pingus producer Peter Sisseck and an Tastylia Order 20 MG Achaval Ferrer Malbec. I did this without an obvious clue re the Malbec that tipped off the other tasters. But before I get too carried away with Sherlock Holmes comparisons I failed to notice the opening wine was a very light rose’ and thought it was an oxidised white… Despite this I managed to get 19 out of 24 points. Joe kindly coordinated celebrations with Muddy Water Pinot and the remains of the tasting bottles. A fun night.



The Games

By mthomas

Staying on an Olympic theme, a review of all things sporting and vinous seems appropriate at the moment. It has been such an amazing time in London and good to see visitors from around the globe enjoying being here. Despite all the valid reservations about commercialism, relocation of businesses, ticket fiasco and empty seats, it has been superb so far. From the wonderfully subversive opening ceremony it has gained momentum and won over even the most hardened skeptics. Both my sons have been in awe at the sheer spectacle and I am confident that they will have wonderful memories from being part of it.

I have not been surprised by the superb performance of Team GB because ‘home advantage’ is such an robust finding. I just wish I had followed my instinct and had a flutter on us doing well.  The crowds have been brilliant and must have had an impact on results. I went to the England v Brazil ladies football game, slightly reluctantly, but it was the best atmosphere I have experienced at Wembley since 1996 when I saw England beat Holland 4‐1 in the euros. A big part of this was the prevalence of kids who had tickets through the ‘tickets for schools’ scheme and were happy to scream and Mexican wave through the match. They were fantastic and the game thrilling. It is just a shame Team GB will not be in the final on Thursday, as I’m going it.

Even more thrilling was being at the park on Sunday night. We abandoned the Handball in the Copper Box (despite it being a cracking sport) to catch Bolt on the big screen and there was a real sense of seeing history in the making. We had been to the park for Diving but left before sunset as our youngest was exhausted but one of my top tips is to stay until late if you can. At night the park is spectacularly lit up, not as crowded and has a bit of a party atmosphere. The Orbit is worth going up but don’t go near the BMW pavilion unless you want to be force fed corporate nonsense. The London Ambassadors deserve a special mention. They are representing us in all our diverse and eccentric glory. My favourite ‘ambassador’ plays dubstep on her phone through her loud hailer. Superb!

In terms of food and wine I have been disappointed. At the boxing at Excel we paid £1.50 for an apple and it wasn’t even a good apple!  They should be giving away English apples as a celebration of our produce but I guess it is like the way we exploit dairy farmers in this country, pay them a pittance then mark it up exponentially to generate huge profits. The ‘biggest Macdonalds’ in the world is a bit of a monolithic carbuncle that shouts out ‘global warming’ and the Champagne and Seafood bar is run like a overly strict boarding school where you ‘have to’ have this or that if you want to sit on the terrace. I guess it is legal to require people to buy Champagne (De Nauroy and Mumm) to sit somewhere but it’s not very inclusive or sensitive. I saw an Asian family pretty unhappy about it but the member of staff dealing with them didn’t seem to give a toss. The ‘prestige’ wines on sale were pretty good though,  binaire opties hulpmiddelen Argento Private Collection Malbec (£26.50), Spee’ Wah Pinot Grigio (£23.50), Chateau Coucheroy Pessac Leognan (£35.50) and an ok 2011 www traderxp com review Chablis from Jean Dafaix (£32.50), and not as massively marked up as apples. The Olympic wines (see previous blogs) were really uninspiring with the Fairtrade Chenin the best bet of the three. Take empty water bottles as there are plenty of places to fill up and buying bottled water is a bit like burning money (expensive and polluting).

An alternative to eating at the park or the other venues is to eat locally or take snacks. Security has been pretty efficient and not overly pedantic (although at the shooting at Woolwich on Sunday it seemed a bit tighter). If you are at the Park then go to Franco Manca at Westfield which has excellent affordable pizza and great natural wine from guadagnare col trading Ottavo Rube. Alternatively book up one of the pop up restaurants. Jimmy’s supperclub at Annex East is very close to the park and has a small art gallery (website here). The other night Phil from Les Caves de Pyrene matched Jimmy’s sound cooking with come simulare opzioni binarie Rene Mosse Moussamoussettes NV, 2011 Riesling from Andre Scherer, Le Petit Fantet d’Hyppolyte 2011, and sistemi opzioni binarie Moscato d’Asti Ca’ d’Gal. Fun wines and nice people. Less successful was GlobalFeast2012 (website here) although Lin Soderstrom’s cooking was good. The guest chefs from around the world change every night and they have an amazing ‘global’ table.

For a couple of Olympic events we only got two tickets rather than four so I will be missing out on the Basketball tonight. However, it is the Corney and Barrow summer tasting with an Olympic quiz which should be fun. I will be ‘competing’ in the blind tasting and am hoping for a medal of any kind.



The Vineyard at the End of the World

By mthomas

I was sent a free copy of this soon to be released book about the rebirth of Malbec by the publishers but said that I might not have time to read it, let alone write a review. I also had a pile of unread psychology texts, kindly provided by Wiley Blackwell, which I was trying to get through, as well as a couple of drafts of doctoral theses to feedback on, so reading time was at a premium. However, I took it with me at the weekend on a camping trip to celebrate my mum’s 70th birthday and, unable to sleep as youngest son tossed and turned next to me and sleepwalking nephew Jamie wandered about the forest causing mayhem, I rattled through it in a couple of hours.

The author, Ian Mount, can write. His stories about South American wine and associated topics have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Slate. This journalistic background shows in his prose. He has also lived in Buenos Aires since 2005 and seems comfortable with idiom and cultural nuances. The book zips along, punctuated with decent research and lots of rhetorical flourishes. Although the focus is Argentina this is essentially a book about the rise of New World wines and how a country with ambition revolutionized its infrastructure and approach to wine making.

The early history of Argentinian wine is set out. Then it is down to business with the modern period and the influence Parker, Mondavi and Rolland. The aspirations of Argentinian wine makers are supported by technology and knowledge exchange with California (and France to a lesser extent). Nicolas Catena and Paul Hobbs are at the heart of developments in the main body of the book. At times there is a slightly patronising feel to how events are depicted with the Argentinians depicted as lazy in their approach due to the security of an uncritical domestic market. Maybe there is an historical truth in this, much as there is when people generalise about Burgundy’s complacency in the 70s or Bordeaux’s avarice over the last few decades.  Stereotypical, but a useful handle on subtlety and complexity.

It is probably pretty uncontentious to suggest that Argentina is now making some great wines . Many single vineyard, high altitude, Malbecs are well made and distinctive. There is an avid global market for them. There is also lots of scope for further development in this part of the world. Argentina has had to deal with fascist dictators, earthquakes and economic collapse. Despite these issues the wines improve year on year and its reputation has never been higher. Mount outlines how this has happened and so succeeds with the aim of the book.

There is probably not enough ‘plot’ to make this attractive to readers looking for a page turner but anyone with a specific interest in New World wines will find it engaging and informative. There are a few photos of key players in the book and some really nice photos on Ian Mount’s website (here) that would have added greatly to it but aren’t used. Argentina has some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world and it seems like a missed opportunity not to show them. It would be a good read on a flight to Buenos Aires so I am giving it to a friend who travels there frequently. He is also in charge of organising a trip to the World Cup in Brazil for a bunch of us in 2014 and I hope he can arrange a few detours to vineyards in Argentina and Chile on the trip back. We can drown our sorrows with good Malbec following the predictable  dismal display by the England team. And Argentina will probably win…

Mount, I. (2012) The Vineyard at the End of the World Norton New York

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